About Us


The Center for Leadership and Civic Engagement provides opportunities for the campus community to learn, serve and lead with our community as active citizens and advocates for positive social change.


In partnership with local, regional, and international communities, the Center for Leadership and Civic Engagement seeks to foster an environment where individuals learn about themselves and their community, take action through service, and advocate for lasting social change.


  • Develop Leadership Identity – Students will recognize the intersection of identities, skills, and experiences that influence socially responsible leadership.
  • Foster Active Citizenship – Students will develop a sense of civic responsibility and feel empowered to initiate positive change that addresses the challenges in our local, regional, and global communities.
  • Provide Experiential Learning – Students will form connections between coursework and lived experiences, cultivate relationships with community partners, and practice thoughtful reflection through community based learning.


The Center for Leadership and Civic Engagement is committed to supporting ECU’s three commitments of student success, public service and regional transformation through our guiding values:

  • Student Leadership
  • Faculty Engagement
  • Community Partnership